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Try out our CCTV hybrid DVR with support for HD-TVI, IP and Analogue CCTV cameras

Posted by Richard Petrie on

Our latest range of hybrid DVRs are really simple to setup and they have a host of great features:

To remotely view the system on your smartphone download the App VSS Mobile

from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and scan the QR code below.

You should now be able to remotely view  this four camera  2 and 4MP IP system.

If you want to remotely web browse to this system paste this link into Internet Explorer

For Chrome or Firefox you will need to install a browser plug-in details can be found here.

Once connected you will need to enter a username of admin and just leave the password field empty.

You can also configure the DVR to send an email with a snapshot image from each camera when motion detection is enabled.

Why not give us a call now to discuss your requirements or to get out latest pricing. Tel:01923 750013 or email