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Up the Coax Control for CCTV HD-TVI cameras

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Do you want to be able to change the video parameters of your CCTV  HD-TVI cameras from our CCTV DVR? Or perhaps you want to adjust the control of the Day / Night settings for the Infra Red?

Using the UTC (Up the Coax) feature within our CCTV DVRs this is really simple.

From the Top menu select PTZ

Looking at the CCTV screen shot below press "IRIS +"  and the Main menu system for the HD-TVI camera will appear and you can now make changes to the video settings, Infra Red settings etc. 

When you have made the changes you want make sure you press the Save and EXIT menu option in the Camera menu.

Any questions? Send them to me at or call me on 01923 750013

Richard Petrie