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​Setting up the IMS300 Video Player software on a MAC.

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On a MAC computer the IMS300 software does not have the feature of scanning the Local Area Network like the PC Version does. For this reason you need to know the NVR IP address and add it manually as shown in this video. 

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Adding our Veltin Colour and Veltin Premium cameras IP cameras to our NVR

Setting up the Vonaq IP CCTV NVR and cameras is really easy. Take a look in this short video.If you have any question just email us at

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How to copy CCTV footage to a USB stick on the Vonaq NVR

Backing up CCTV footage from the Vonaq NVR to a USB memory stick is really easy. Just take a look at this short video.any questions? just email us at

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How to add RFID tags to the AMC wireless intruder alarm

Before trying to add RFID tags to the AMC Wireless keypad you first need to enable RFID on the Keypad.This is done as shown in this short video Now you can add the RFID tags as shownIf you have more than 4 users / tags you will need to configure the panel with the extra users. [...]

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Push notifications to your phone when someone arrives at your door

Would you like push notifications direct to your phone?If someone arrives at your dooror they go through your side gateor enter your drivewayThis 2 minute video shows you how to get video push notifications how easy it is to setup using the Vonaq Professional Installer Series NVR and DVR. 

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View our 4MP IP Professional Installer Series Live Demo

View our 4MP IP Live Demo system To view the VONAQ Professional Installer Series Live Demo system please follow these simple steps. 1. Download the VSS Mobile App to your phone and open it 2. In the first screen press the skip login button at the bottom of the screen Press the scanner icon in the top right of [...]

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AMC Intruder Alarm Training

Come along to one of our fun and free hands on Wireless Intruder Alarm training sessionsThe course agenda is as follows and typically lasts from 10am to 2.30pm Introduction to the AMC Wireless Intruder Alarm systemAdding Wireless Contacts to the systemAdding Wireless PIRs to the systemAdding a Wireless SirenAdding a Wireless KeypadAdding a Remote [...]

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CCTV Training

Come along to one of our fun hands on CCTV and Wireless Intruder Alarm training sessions. The course agenda is as follows and typically lasts from 10am to 4pm CCTV:How to Connect the Network Video RecorderConnecting to the InternetCorrect cable pin-out for Ethernet. You will be amazed how much conversation this one sparksConnecting the CamerasSetting the name [...]

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Setup in less than 2 minutes

Our latest generation HD-TVI CCTV systems can now be setup in under 2 minutes.Once the cameras are plugged into the rear of the DVR the setup is so simple that you should have everything working including remote viewing in less than 2 minutes.HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A COST EFFECTIVE INSTALL?Have a look at the video [...]

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Up the Coax Control for CCTV HD-TVI cameras

Do you want to be able to change the video parameters of your CCTV  HD-TVI cameras from our CCTV DVR? Or perhaps you want to adjust the control of the Day / Night settings for the Infra Red?Using the UTC (Up the Coax) feature within our CCTV DVRs this is really simple.From the Top menu [...]

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