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How to move the rok alarm system over to a new Wi-Fi network

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If your customer has changed their router and therefore needs you to move the rok Alarm onto the new wifi network then this video will show you how easy this is to do.

The rok smart Home system - now with POE NVR and Video Intercom

We are constantly adding new products to our rok Smart Home range. This week it is IP Video Intercom and IP CCTV POE Network Video Recorders. Have a quick look in this short video.

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Connecting the rok Alarm to a new router

So you upgraded your internet and received a new router from your service provider .... All good, but how do you connect the rok alarm to your new setup? I'll show you how in this short video:

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How to setup and use the rok IP Video Door Intercom Range

In this video see how easy it is to configure the rok IP Video Door Intercom. So little setup needed. See how to connect a maglock and finally, using the Intercom.  You can get more product details here

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The rok Smart Home range - it's growing all the time and so easy to setup

The rok smart home range is growing all the time. This week we launched the rok POE NVRs. The range is now conisiting of CCTV cameras and NVRs, Inruder Alarm, Video Doorbell, Video Intercom, Smart Wireless Thermostat, and Smart Radiator thermostat.  All using the same rok App, this system is really simple to setup and install.

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How to change the sensitivity setting on the Rok Video Doorbell - don't forget to setup human detection

Do you want to adjust the PIR sensitivity for the rok Video Doorbell? Is so watch the video below. It alkso shows you how to filter on Human Detection to reduce Video Doorbell False Alarm AlertsIf you want more information on the rok Video Doorbell then take a look here.

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rok smart alarm - adding the hub to the rok app

See how to add the rok smart alarm to the rok Smart Home App. In this video you will see how adding the rok Smart Alarm to the rok smart Home App  is a breeze.If you want more information on the rok Wireless Smart Alarm then take a look here.

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How to install the rok Smart Radiator Thermostat

In this short video you can see how to install the rok Smart Radiator Thermostat. Here you will see how to fit the smart thermostat to the radiator, connect the rok smart wireless gateway and finally how to setup the App. It's all so easy. See for yourself just here...For more product details take a [...]

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POE Wireless Bridge supporting up to 3 cameras with direct POE connection 2km distance line of sight

In the short video below you can see the CAMSAT POE 2km wireless bridge. We preconfigure these so that you can just connect and go - no setup knowledge needed.  For more product details take a look here

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Reduce site visits by managing your customers CCTV system via the cloud

Using the cloud solution you can remotely manage and configure your customers CCTV ( make sure you have their permission).See how in this short video:

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