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CCTV Remote Interactive Training - Half Day, June 2020. 

Half Day Remote Interactive CCTV  Training June 2020.  Precise time and date to be agreed with you.

We will ship to your home or office, one IP recorder (NVR), two cameras and if required a monitor for your hands on Zoom remote training (we will arrange for DPD to collect the goods the following day).

 Since we will have already configured  a remote viewing session with the NVR before shipping we will be able to guide you through configuration and setup  as this will be a truly interactive session.



We can even remotely control your equipment to show you how to do things 

Course Agenda

The course agenda is as follows and typically lasts half a day:

  • How to Connect the Network Video Recorder
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Correct cable pin-out for Ethernet. You will be amazed how much conversation this one sparks
  • Connecting the Cameras
  • Setting the name of each camera in the system
  • Setting up smart search for intelligent playback

  • Setting up push notifications with image snapshots to your phone
  • Searching playback and Backing up to USB
  • Setting up Remote Viewing on the phone - yes it really is this simple!
  • Camera Types and Lens Size
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to avoid IR Reflection
  • Use of Audio cameras and the Remote App

Use of Wireless Bridges when you can’t use a cable

 Each Training Session costs £30 per person and this is discounted from your first order with us – provided the order is placed within 7 days of the Training Day.

Book Online below or give us a call to discuss further 01923 750013.